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The Unalome symbol is a visual image of the path to enlightenment as practiced within Buddhism. The inner spiral and twists symbolize the struggle in life, while the straight line represents a found harmony. It is a very powerful symbol relating to both a spiritual and personal quest within one's life.

Unalome Healing Center was inspired by this meaning and formed in order to serve clients in a manner that supports their journey to healing through holistic wellness. The holistic model of wellness is based in the idea that our whole health (emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, social, environmental and intellectual wellness) is connected interdependently. It emphasizes the connections of all the dimensions in our life and how they impact our overall wellness.


This is why Unalome Healing Center is committed to collaborative care, with both its practitioners but also the wellness community at large.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Leslie Shaffer Hereba is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with extensive clinical experience with children (ages 4 and up), adolescents, and adults. She can provide individual, couples or family therapy services to  clients. As a clinician, her training was deeply rooted in person-centered therapy and other evidenced-based theories which ground her in trusting that the client knows themselves best and the importance of creating an authentic relationship. For more information, click below.


I-View TelePsychiatry was founded on the belief that mental health services should be accessible, professional, safe and convenient. Our services are collaboratively driven. In other words, our spirit of collaboration with other professionals in the same location, may be the greatest gift for our clients.  I–View brings together Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Therapist to collaborate on every client and forge a consensus treatment plan that further supports the journey. For more information, click below.   


Like many great things in life, Leslie’s Essentials was born out of a personal struggle blended with strength and a passion for healing, health and aromatherapy. It is often during challenging times that we seek tools to help us overcome that which ails us. Leslie’s Essentials is rooted in the idea that we have choices on how we treat ourselves, specifically our health and happiness. These products have been thoughtfully, patiently and with intention crafted to bring the user comfort, relief and healing for both the body and mind. If our skin is our biggest organ, then make the choice simple and be kind to your body. For more information, click below.

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